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Thread: Automatic Screenshot Grabbing

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    Afernoon all.

    I have a bit of a trickey question here...and I really have no idea how to solve this problem.

    I have created a game in Flash...I don't need to go into details, because it isn't important, except that it will be marketed on about 50 to 200 CDs. These will be sold, but I make no money out of it...it was a voluneteer job for an organisation.

    Anyway, I wish for the user to be able to take a screenshot of the game, and upload it to a website. The target audience for the game is 5-10 year olds, and so giving instructions to "Press Print Scrn, and paste it into MS Paint" will be very helpful.

    No, I am trying to find a way whereby the user can click "Save" and the current status of the game (which happens to be a basic SimCity clone) would be saved as a JPG onto the user's hard disk. He could then just go to the website, click the upload button and upload it to the "Hall of Fame" area.

    I have the uploading backend sorted, it's just the screengrabbing that bugs me. Is there a way to link an external exe or whatever to my Flash exe so that when it is run (by pressing the Save/Take Screenshot button in the movie) it will take a screenshot, convert it to a JPG and save it to, for the sake of argument, C:/My Documents?

    I have found numerous screengrabbing applications of the net, but they all require either installation to be run, or for them to be openend up and the shot taken through using the program. This is not really what I'm after. I'd like it to work the same as it does it computer games like Half Life where they have bound the F5 key to take a screenshot in-game and save it as a BMP in the installation directory of Half Life.

    I know this sounds like a really tall order, but any help would really be appreciated. I have asked one of my friends about this, and he suggested adding an Active X component to the main game and running the movie through a program written in Delphi or something. As you can probably tell, I'm no software developer/programmer, so I'm in a bit of a muddle!!!

    Thank you!


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    FS Command Exec to access a third program that takes the screenshot and converts it- You will need to make a custom program in VB or whatever you want to make the screenshot.

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