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Thread: Help me, I need some help here

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    why does my project look good in swf but not when I put the swf in html page. (swf 100% fullscreen gives also problems)

    if I have a black and white line under echother! and copy this for example five times. then I export it to a swf and then take a look. and see that the lines are not all the same!! 2 are good the rest is only one line (white)

    how can!! please help me

    greetings Leon
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    Your images are probably being stretched, Try putting this in the first frame of your movie:

    fscommand ("allowscale", "false");

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    Dont know what it was but I draw the lines again, and the problem was gone, strange men dont understand it!!

    thanx anyway
    (I had already tried with fs commands)

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