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Thread: why doesn't droptarget command work with levels above zero?

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    I've made a jigsaw puzzle game in Flash 5 which relies on the droptarget command to make the pieces lock into place when dragged to the correct position. I want to use loadmovie command to load and unload game as an swf file on a new level.

    Now there's no problem if I load it at level 0 but if I want it to load on a higher level the droptarget comand now mysteriously doesn't work rendering the game unplayable. Why!? Am I missing something obvious here?

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    It will probably depend on the way you have written your code.
    Your jisaw pieces would no longer be _level0.jigsaw
    but _level1.jigsaw or _level2.jigsaw etc.
    Try using the debugger on export of the _level0 that contains the loadmovie command.
    This will give you the correct paths of the jigsaw pieces etc and also select the list variable and objects options and print them out then you can see eveything that happens to your movie pieces.
    Hope this helps,
    Jon 8o)

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    Thanks Jon,

    No doubt that's it. Thanks for your help

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