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Thread: GetURL not working on a certain computer, so far....

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    I am making an autorun flash movie for a cd. I also have standard GetURL button links to go to a site. They work fine on my computer (Dell/Win98), but on another computer (Dell/Win98, too)nothing happens! It just sits there as if it wasn't linked. Also, on another computer (Dell/WinME), 1 of the links freezes my exe for about 10 secs, then opens it correctly.

    Anyone have this happen to them? Please lemme know if u know of a resolution. This is driving me nuts!



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    Are you just using the standard GetUrl function or are you doing something funky like making it a fixed size popup?

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    No Pop-ups

    No pop-ups or funky code, just straight GetUrl like below:

    on (release) {
    getURL ("http://www.domainname.com/page.asp", "_blank");

    above i did tell it to open in a blank window. however, i also tried it without the "_blank" just in case & it changed nothing.

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    You should try a 3rd party tool (like mine ) or a direct command line call..

    GetURL was a lot worse in Flash 4 and was some what improved in 5 but there are issue's with Windows 2000 and XP

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    I did try yours, actually :)

    Originally posted by The Master
    You should try a 3rd party tool (like mine ) or a direct command line call..
    I did try yours, actually

    I needed it to open a PDF in it's default app & it worked nicely, thank you! Was about to go nuts with that. But, is there a work around for this GetURL? Or, a prog anyone knows of to do the same function as GetURL. It just needs to open a browser & go to the specified URL. Should I use a 3rd party app (like FToolApp) or command line to do that?

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    The Masters tools should do what you want but if you want to check out another alternative, read my post about SWF Studio and the SHELLOPEN command in this thread


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    If you can type a url in Start, Run and have it immediately open up.. then I would assume that Flash's code is failing with the browser on these computers.. (I've only seen actual problems on 2k and XP that where reproducible) and a 3rd party tool or command line calls would fix this..

    If it fails then there are issue's with these systems and or browsers that can only be dealt with via troubleshooting windows or the browser itself..

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    Thanks alot for all of your guys' help!

    I decided to try The Master's command line tool (ftoolapp) to launch ALL links & files. It opens URLs perfectly on all of these computers this way. Also, text files now open in Notepad & not IE. My lone PDF file opens in Acrobat Reader instead of IE, too.

    Again, thanks alot!

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