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Thread: SWFs or EXEs on CD presentation????

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    I've prepared a little presentation for my business. Although it's not too great or too long, it contains lots of graphics (Bitmaps!) and it turned out to be about 3 MB.

    Now , it works fine in my PC, but I've tried the CD in slower computers (Pentium II 233 MHZ and Pentium MMX 200 MHZ) and although it runs, the graphics and animation are impossibly slow.

    Does it make any difference if I use an EXE instead of an HTML embedded SWF file? WIll it run smoother being a Projector file? Any other suggestions?

    PLZ HLP!!!!!

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    Try optimizing your graphics to smaller file sizes. The difference between exe and swf embedded in html won't change your slow running times. You need to reduce file size on the bitmaps to improve the running speed. Use a program like photoshop and reduce the initial file sizes of your graphics, then update them in your flash file (double click the library item for each graphic and select update). I have shaved almost 1MB off a 2MB file this way.
    Also, if this doesn't solve all your problems, run a search on this board for "optimizing flash files" to see what others have to say.

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