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Thread: dragging movie clips?

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    Can someone please give me an example on how to create a drag and drop movie clip. I can't seem to get the ON press command to work. The only way this option become available is when I create a button. I've been trying to knock this out all day could someone Please help? THANX....

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    Hi myghtimax! First off you have to create a button. Once that is done, you can insert it into your movie clip. Then with the movie clip editor window still open, double click your button and select the actions tab. Here's where you specify the drag.
    on (press)
    start drag (instance name)
    end on
    on (release)
    stop drag
    end on

    Then when you put the movie slip on the screen, double click it, and name the instance. Actually, it's probably best if you put the movie clip on the screen first and then name the instance, then go to the movie clip editor window and do the scripting on the button. Hope this helps!

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