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Thread: .BAT file opens more than one file?

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    I am opening a PDF from my Projector file on a CDand I want to open the Acrobat Reader from the disk before the PDF launches. I am having trouble with the string in the batch file setting the opening order. Here is the batch file:

    start acrobatr.lnk / fs_bp3.pdf

    Can anyone tell me what I can do to get Acrobat to launch from the CD then launch the PDF?


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    You don't want to try and run a LNK file unless you're only going to use this on your machine. The LNK file is just a pointer to where Acrobat lives on your HD.

    Download the example at http://www.northcode.net/studio/examples/internal.zip and check out the FLA to see how easy it can be.

    With a little extra effort you can detect whether Acrobat Reader is installed and start the install (from the CD) if it's missing.

    I can show you how to do that too if you want to see it...

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    You can also try

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