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Thread: MC talks to the main timeline.

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    I am using a tutorial .FLA file. It's got a horizontal motion menu. Anyway, the MC's that hold the buttons are so deep in MCs that i can't talk to the main timeline. I can't even move frame to frame from the buttons that are moving. I've tried the thing that people say to go from the MCs to Scenes. but i just want the main timeline. thanks.


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    use the tell target action, and define the level as _level0.

    on (release) {
    tellTarget ("_level0") {
    gotoAndStop (5);

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    i tried it but i got a "Target not found. Target = "_level0" Base="?"

    is there another way?

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    I got it. Thanks. I had to different commands under that button. I changed the order and they both work now.

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