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Thread: The ghost of the Child Movie

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    Hello people!!

    It is possible that many already they know this, but those that dont know it, can serve as some aid and I want to them to share it.
    After of several nights tweaking the IFA tools, treating to synchronize a called ghost child movie.

    1.) Having the Parent movie with its times and later to insert child movie observes the following thing:
    a.) When child movie is exported to browser, the Child movie initiates at the same time that parent Movie. This observation can seem stupid, but.., was basis to be able to synchronize the movies exactly where I wanted that they initiated.

    Review several times (this can be a TO DO LIST that can serve to synchronize movies)
    a1) that the State of the Option Show at the start of the movie=Off, in the Parent Movie
    a2) that existed "Place Object" for the Child movie in a key frame,
    a3) that existed an action "Show for the Child Movie" in the same Key Frame
    a4) That existed an action "Play Movie" for the Child Movie in the same Key frame
    a5) That, in another Key Frame existed an action "Stop Movie" for the Child Movie
    a6) That, in the same key frame existed an action Hide for the Child Movie
    a7) That the Child Movie was with the "Stop Option the movie when finished"
    a8) Reviews the structure of parent movie thus:

    Key Frame 1 - Delay=0 (Normal Events No Action)
    Key Frame 2 - Delay=8.4 (Normal Events No Action))
    Key Frame 3 - Delay=10.2 (Normal Events but Two actions Show and Play Child Movie)
    Key Frame 4 - Delay=7.75 (Two Stop Actions and Hide Child Movie) time that lasts the Child movie

    Within the Key Frame 3 had to initiate the Child Movie to the 18,6 seg, (doing sums of my times), of initiate the Parent Movie. But this did not happen in browser. After many intents(several nights), Eureka, it manages it to synchronize in browser thus:
    Delay of child movie in the first key frame will have exactly to be the sum of times of the Keyframes in the Parent Movie, from and to where it must initiate the Child Movie.

    In my example I place in the first Key Frame of the Child Movie, the value of 18,6 seg (8.4+10.2). this means that child movie its in Stand By, until as much executes action play movie in Keyframe 3 of parent movie. But here occured countered it, do not observe the child movie in Preview, sincerely I dont Know that happens.?

    2.) Another aspect that it observes was: When placing the Child Movie within layer the referring Events Place Object Layer and Show selected elements using a transition, for a text 3D is not updated, is to say.

    The centers or positions X,Y of layer are different from the centers and positions of the Parent movie (child Movie is content inside layer), by this it must to fit Position X,Y of the Layer, so that they agree with the Parent Movie.

    Second the option Move From X/Y/Z is due to activate and to fit manually of the event (Show selected elements using a transition) so that it is in the original place of the Child Movie that this content into the Layer.

    Well,I hope that my experiences serve as some aid, if there is some better way to solve this, completely, Im arranged to listen your orientations.

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    Hi! a_non_amous.

    Indeed Ive placed morph/move events in parent movie, also sounds,paint objects,show objects whith transition and of course child movies. But also within child movie Ive placed these things and the synchronization towards very difficult.

    I create each movie like parent movie, is to say, work independently to them and later I turn some of them into child movie, this with the idea of being able to obtain different effects .

    For example I have used between child movie and parent movie
    around 225 tools, my example Break-Up only has 135 tools.
    I am working on this, I have not even finalized.

    Obvious it is not a general rule, is single looking for other ways to work with IFA.

    It can be too heavy, but who resists to work with this good Software.

    thanks for its commentaries.
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