I tried to post this in the thread already open..or at least delete that one..but it wont load ...SORRY!..
I was reading a tut on forms..it said to do the following.
Right click on the submit button at the bottom right hand side of the form. Select Actions in the menu that appears. This will open your Actions Panel. Click on the "+" sign at the top left hand side of the panel. Select Actions, set variable. This will insert some code into your Actions panel. In the field titled Variable type in "subject". In the field titled Value enter "Feed Back Form". You can give the Value field anything you want. This is the subject that will appear in email that the form sends.

Click on the "+" again and Select Actions, set variable to insert another variable. Type in "recipient" for the field titled Variable. Type in your email address for the field titled Value. This is where you tell the cgi script where to email the form results. Setting variables here is like creating hidden form field in HTML.
The cgi script now knows what the subject is and who to send the results to, but we still have to tell Flash to send the field values that the user fills out (FirstName, LastName, ect.). For this we use the loadVaribles action.

Click on the "+" sign. Select Actions, loadvariables. In the field titled URL type in the web address of the form to mail script that your using. Leave the Location field to 0. Select "Send using GET" from the Variables pull down menu.

My question is...I will uploading to an Ameritech server...
I read there CGI stuff....and they have it so you upload a .txt file with your info/variables in it according to your assigned variables of the form.
If the mailtemp.txt (which it has to be called) has this information (where to send the form results to, variable results..etc) then if you have it in Flash Action Script as well...will there be a conflict? Do I just leave these boxes in Flash blank then? Ameritech uses something called "cgiemail" anybody familiar with this? And how to configure it for Flash?? Thanks -whispers-