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    I recently got into the webdesign business and I find myself having a lot of problems designing websites for both a 800x600 and 1024x768 screen res. I usually use pourcentages to define table width and height, but whenever I change from 800 to 1024 to see the results everything is always screwed up and hardly ever ends up looking good in both resolutions. Images end up overlapping or are too spread apart, text isn't where it's supposed to be, etc.

    Also, I am getting pretty sick of always having to change between both resolutions back and forth. There must be a better way of designing a site for both res without having to do this...any tips anyone?

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. BTW, I use dreamweaver 4

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    this is the source code i use for my sites
    it resizes automatically, its not perfect but it does the job.
    here is an example of it;



    <TITLE>your title</TITLE>
    <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" topmargin=0 leftmargin=0>
    <CENTER><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --> <param name=movie value="yourswf.swf">
    <EMBED SRC="yourswf.swf" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%" quality=high type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align=left scale=exactfit>
    <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup"


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    I have a question for u Darkstar.. I tried changing my Flash height and width to 100% and they ended up taking up the whole screen. Is that suppose to do that?

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