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Thread: Opening a Photoshop file

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    I see a lot of ways to open a .pdf file but can I open a .PSD or .EPS file from a CD useing flash. If so how?

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    yes there is

    open it the same way. I have been using ftoolapp (http://www.flashtools.net/) to open my PDF's thru flash. i tried it using a PSD & it works the same way. make sure u have the projector exe & the ftoolapp in the same dir & then just use this code in your actionscript:

    on (release) {
    fscommand ("exec", "ftoolapp.exe" add chr(9) add "whatever.psd");

    there are many other 3rd party tools that i am sure can do this also.

    note: the 'add chr(9) add' part just adds a space to the command line for you

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    or you can use

    *********** JTools - JStart


    Good luck

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