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Thread: changing GetURL commands

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    hi there, new here, hoping someone can help.

    I've just taken over a website that uses a flash menu bar at the top. There were big arguments between the people hosting/maintaining the site as I took it over, but I've ended up with all the individual web pages and the flash bar so I can mess around with it.

    The trouble is all the GetURL commands in the flash bar point to pages stored on ANOTHER server, which the hosts "won't give me access to". I need to "get into" the flash bar and just change the GetURL commands (as I understand it), so the menu bar will point to the pages that I CAN edit, therefore updating the site and keeping my new boss happy.

    Is there a way of doing this?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help


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    Do you have the .fla or .swf file? if its the .swf, either buy the .fla from the old company or start over, if you've already got the .fla file, you'll need flash to edit it, open it up in flash, find the buttons, right click it and choose actions, then just replace the old url with the new one.

    By the way, the .fla file is the property of whoever designed it, not the corporation who bought the .swf file, so if they didn't give you the .fla, you DON'T neccisarily have a right to it. You can maybe buy it, but alot of design firms don't sell their source files.

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    Also it seems stupid to me that the company used absolute url paths and not relative ones, just a thought.... you could prob use this to insult them if needed..... "HAHA your so stupid, you use ABSOLUTE paths!!!...." on second thought, maybe not.....

    But anyways, it might be worth looking into to see if they really did just use some relative paths and you can just move stuff around into the same directory structure they used..... Assuming, of course, that this is a relatively small site.

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