what I'm using similar code for - this came MONTHS after I started to figure it out - it did help with the XSL though - that was actually kicking my behind if I did not plan ahead for enough entities - a dynamic site. The tables are basically queried from SQL 2k, and saved down to a temp XML file... which is then parsed using the XSL, and a CSS on top of that to maintain levels and icons.

However, the right click context part is what you are interested in... my levels are way more similar than you probably need. btw, not truly my idea... I was drinking a similar beverage, and got upset about the current look of the project I'm working on - now that code, I can not divulge.

the right click (or control click for macs - you gotta plan for that one), if you warn the users, will be used. I mean... tell them, for extra options, use right click.

btw, I totally agree with you. good luck... if I can help, I'll try.

but I'm SO code weary at the moment

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<spraying current beverage all over screen> OMG! Let's find a way!! This is über-cool. When I am less buzzed (consumption due to a long day at work), I plan on devouring this idea. You don't mind do you (your idea, after all)? I just want to see it happen. I believe the context menu should live up to it's adjective - it should provide additional options for the currently selected item, which should include web pages. No one seems to get angry with context menu changes when they click it over an icon, or on an application's window, right? Why should it be different for a web site? As long as the developer uses it responsibly, and designs the context menu to make the user's surfing experience easier for the particular page, what is wrong with that? Erm, time to step off my soap box What do you think, gerbick?