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Thread: My right click menu FK tute is finally done. Would you try to break it for me?

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    Right you are, Stickman. Peculiar.

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    Er... what about the Tutorial..?


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    Yeah, Stickman found out that if you click on the gray areas (the part of the flash movie that actually has graphics), the Flash context appears, and if you click on the transparent background the custom menu appears. It kinda takes away from the functionality of this thing, eh? You'd have to design a movie with most of the background transparent (no heavy graphical backgrounds).
    Hey didn't I point that out first?

    Wheres my credit

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    Hi Sem,

    I have gone through your example on disabling context menu. Its really nice,

    But the problem, I have no idea how to implement the below mentioned script to my movie clips.


    onClipEvent (load) {

    old = Key.isToggled(2);

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    rButton = !Key.isToggled(2);
    if (rButton ^ old) {
    getURL ("javascript:makeCM()");
    trace ("right click detected");
    old = rButton;


    Please help some one.


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