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Thread: Why is Mac Projector a Stuff-it file? Way around this?

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    I am making cd that has a flash menu for it. The PC vers autoruns nicely. My problem is the Mac vers. If I make a Mac projector from Flash (on my PC), it gives it to me in an ".hqx" file.

    The 1st time i made the cd i left it as that & when i tried it on a Mac, it needed to extract it (like a WinZip file) & then it played my projector fine. Problem is, i wanted it to be as idiot-proof as possible & i know that if my Mac menu is in a Stuff-it file some user will not have it and/or not understand what to do. So, i extracted it on my PC 1st, then burned it on my PC burner. This way, the Mac then prompted me (similar to Windows) to choose a program to view this unknown filetype with. What a pain! Anyone know a way, using the flash-making program on a PC only, to be able to make a Mac projector that is NOT in a Stuff-it file & still does work. If I am not clear, lemme know & will try to explain better. Thank you.

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    Nope, the only way to make a MAC/ PC Hybird is to make it on a MAC. There is a good tut on this at were-here in fact the address is here:

    You must have a MAC becuse a PC cannot write in the MAC file Hierachy or assign resources to a HQX file.

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    that sux

    oh well, thanks for the info! I will check out that tut.

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