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Thread: preloader, but not the preloader

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    preloader, but not the preloader

    I am using one of the byte preloaders from one of the tutorial pages here at Flashkit. The preloader works fine and the percentages move correctly but my problem is that the first frame is 64kb. My preloader is on frame 2 and 3. So, it takes 64kb to load before my preloader comes up. So people can't really even tell I have a site for about 30-40 seconds on a 28.8 modem. That's bad.

    I narrowed down what's taking up the space but i don't know how to get rid of it. It's not the preloader MCs, they are only like .5-2kb. It's my main menu buttons. They have pics in them but i don't have a clue why they are loading in the first frame. they aren't in it or anything. plus they are in a totally different scene.

    to see what's happening go here. i know my swf is big. it's got lots of pic galleries.


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    It loaded fine for me (dfast), but I am on a T1

    You may want to try moving your preloader into its own scene, and make that scene the first in the "scene list". In the preloader scene just use the ifFrameLoaded AS to tell when your other scenes are finished

    just an idea...

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    thanks for checking it out.
    the only thing is that the loader is in it's own scene and there are only 3 frames. and there are NO symbols in it except the loader ones. i'm stumped.

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    is it the first to play? Are you using the ifFrameLoaded(...) in the preloader scene to know when to play the next scene?

    if you want I can take a look at your fla, and see if I see any probs?

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    yeah it's first to play. the problem is that it's loading some symbols from the library before it loads frame one. when i'm in the bandwidth tester when i test the movie. it loads 64 of stuff that i can't see before it loads frame one. so there isn't any code or anything in frame but it loads 64kb anyway.

    here's the preload code in frame 2. then frame 3 loops to one. it works nice but i just can't get that stuff out of there.

    loadedbytes = getBytesLoaded();
    totalbytes = getBytesTotal();
    loadedkbytes = Math.ceil(loadedbytes/1000);
    totalkbytes = Math.ceil(totalbytes/1000);
    if (loadedbytes == totalbytes) {
    gotoAndPlay ("begin");
    frame = int(loadedbytes/(totalbytes/100));
    tellTarget (_root.loader) {
    gotoAndStop (_root.frame);

    anyway thanks for your advice. i don't know that it's something i can fix.

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