Long ago, an expert Flash developer made a great movie which may not look so great these days as it was made with Flash 3. But hey, there was something very amazing in that very .fla file and fortunately, I somehow managed to grab it.

Well guys, I guess that you all know how to make animations using motion-tween. If you motion-tween an object, you must make it a symbol, right? You can again shape-tween an object without making it a symbol. Also you can apply actionscripts to MCs to animate them dynamically. But how the developer of that movie made an animation using motion-tweening (believe me guys, no shape-tweening or actionscripting) without converting the objects to symbols? Believe me, I'm not a novice and I'm using Flash for two years but still the question is hunting me. Well, now it's time for you guys to answer my question. If you feel that you have interest in it, please e-mail me. My add is kabir123bd@hotmail.com and I'll send you the .fla file as soon as I can. Thanks in advance.