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Thread: .swf file different in flashplayer/web

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    I dont know if anyone can help me, but its worth a try.

    I have created a movie in flash with preloader and published it. When I upload this file to the net it works fine on my own computer, yet the preloader looks different to what it should and sometimes freezes on other computers. Also when I view the .swf file in the flashplayer on my pc, it also appears different to when it is played in flash.

    Any advice will be appreciated as I don't know how to solve it.

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    There are different flash player versions out there. The one that flash uses internally is the 5.0.30 I think. The most recent is the 5.0.41 player. That might be giving you some issues. Internally in flash it might work great but if you run the swf outside of flash it might act a little different depending on the current flash player version running it. Hope this helps.

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    Well, I can say that it isn't unusual for some differences between playing within the Flash application and the Flash player. You should always do regular testing in the player and/or web browser to make sure.

    As far as some computers locking up, I'm stumped. I've never heard of a .swf causing some computers to lock up. Can you have some of the people experiencing lock-ups re-load the Flash player? Also, are you sure that they are using the proper version of the player (ie - your swf is 5 and their player is 4).

    Anyone else got better ideas (please)?

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    thanks for reply. i'll see if it works if i change the preloader.

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    Try asking the people who viewed your site to update their software via http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com ... about the difference between vieweing in ie and flash player, what differences?

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