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Thread: Newbie swish site so far--feeback!

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    Nov 2001
    http://www.reddenedbeard.com/tony/movie.swf (intro)
    http://www.reddenedbeard.com/tony/menutest.swf (a little play around)

    How am i doing?

    All comments appreciated. I plan onmaking the site 100% swish.



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    Well first things first. You should put the little intro and the main site in the same swf so that things run a little more smoothly. Second you might want to put a remove tag at the end of the explode effect becuase I can still see it when the button comes in the continure. On you main section you should get a little more creative on the fonts. Plain text just doesn't cut it these days especially blured text. Check out my site you might get a few ideas. http://www.truimage.net

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    Same suggestion about "remove effect" after the explode...also, try speeding up some of the effects...not too much, but a little. Can't wait to see some content Peace.

    PS- nice site Rykor
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