Thanks for looking. If you can help please read one.
I am trying to preload a movie using a shared library. You can view the problem at

Basically I have made all the large assets of the final swf file shared, and then I import them in the cc-index1.swf file. The problem happens when using the ifFrameLoaded command. My code looks like this:
//on the last frame of the dots
ifFrameLoaded ("loading", "fade-out") {
gotoAndPlay ("loading", "all-loaded");
//on the next frame
gotoAndPlay ("loadingstart");

I need the dots to keep playing over and over while the movie is loading, however the code gets stuck on the ifFrameLoaded statement and never loops back. FYI- "fade-out" is the name of a frame at the end of that scene, "all-loaded" is a frame label at the point where the movie should jump when all the frames are loaded, "loadingstart" is the label of the 2nd frame in that scene.

I need to load the assets of the 2nd swf file because they are quite big. Also, once the user enters the site, when they click the back button I want them to go to the 2nd swf file not the intro. If there is a better way to do this, please let me know. I think I'm going crazy.