Hi! Ok, I'm trying to simplify a really complicated process. My first step is display the contents of part of an array. I use a movie clip and duplicateMovieClip, but nothing has ever displayed and I've spent more hours on this than I ever want to think about. My question basically is: how do go from an array of words to a movie clip to showing a word in the Flash movie in a certain place. Below is what I have been attempting to piece together. If anyone knows ANYTHING, I would be a very happy lady! Thanks!!!

//This is placed in a box, which is a movie clip instance

onClipEvent (load) {
var startX = 100;
wordClip = new Array();
wordArray = ["It", "works", "now", "I", "can", "go", "to", "bed"];
var n=5;
var count = random(wordArray.length);
trace (count);
duplicateMovieClip ("wordClip", "newwordClip", n);
newwordClip = wordArray[count];
setProperty ("newwordClip", _visible, true);
setProperty ("newwordClip", _x, _root.box);
setProperty ("newwordClip", _y, getProperty("box", _y));
n += 1;
trace (n);