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Thread: pixel font not shown??

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    I have this simple problem I hope someone can help. I'm using a Mac and when I activate a pixel font (hooge) in Suitcase, why can't I see it listed in Flash in the character palatte?

    Thx in advance...Rob

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    I had the same problem about 3 months ago.... I don't think flash works with Suitcase (at least mine doesn't). I had the same problem with Flash 4 and 5. The only way I could rectify the problem was to buy ATM Deluxe (which is what I did), or to put the fonts in my system folder.



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    i'm not sure what suitcase is.

    Please enlighten me...maybe I'll be able to help then.
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    I think I've solved the problem...sort of. First of all to Squink, suitcase is a program that allows me to activate my fonts on/off without having to place them directly in my System Folder. This saves overall system memory.

    I found another site which has similar pixel fonts (including a family of Hooge) so I used them instead of my old one. I've dropped them in Suitcase 9 and sure enough, it works fine in Flash. I can only conclude my old Hooge font was the problem and not Suitcase.

    Thanks anyway.


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    I had a similar problem with accessing fonts from the character pallete but if you select your typeface from the menu bar instead of the pallete it seems to work ok. Hmmm, can't wait for flash 6



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    I'm with you guys..

    I've had the same problem for months which is driving me crazy.

    Someone at FK was kind enough to refer me to a program which takes TT fonts and converts them into font suitcases.

    Great, I got that far...

    Problem: The computer still doesn't recognize them whether in Flash, MS Word, etc.

    Anybody else know a fix?

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    speaking of hooge....

    I'm trying to use hooge but get serious blur problems. I've put it on a whole pixel x,y, I don't know what else - how do I get it not blurry? What is it with these pixel fonts?
    check out my problem at:

    Please help!!!

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