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    Hi People
    I do not know why this question i am going to ask is giving me a problem but it is.
    I have made a a small menu with buttons on this is in a frame on the left i have one at the top and a main content frame. when i click a button i want it to open a page in my web site called page2.html and force it in to the main content window.
    someone has told me to use get URL ok so i clicked on get URL and entered


    but what is the dropdown menu under this in it it has curent,parent,toplevel,open in new window what do i do with this.
    Can i have some help in laymans terms please


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    Hi args,

    I'm not exactly sure either. I'm assuming that you're using frames??

    Its possible to load a web page into another frame by firstly naming the frame you want the page to be loaded into. eg.

    <frame src="blank.htm" name="frameDisplay">

    Next, instead of selecting one of the dropdown options simply type the name of the frame you want the page to load into. So in the above example you would type frameDisplay.

    I hope this helps and that I haven't confused anyone here.


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