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Thread: Buttons not working when exported

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    I have a group of six buttons which are grouped together into its own symbol.
    I have set the mouse over to go to different scenes and locations in my animation.
    When I test it in the authoring mode they all link to the correct locations of the animation.
    When I export it and view the SWF file the buttons all link to Scene 1 Frame 1.
    examplecode for buttons:

    on (release) {
    gotoAndPlay ("Scene 1", 1190);

    Why wont these work?

    I am using Flash 5

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    1190 Frames !!!! Wow. Anyways, What might be a problem, you said you grouped them in their own Symbol but didnt say which kind. Why can you make them all individual of each other, why do they all have to be grouped like that? Also, what might be happening, since they are grouped together, it is reading the First On (Release) code which might goto (1,1) and it isnt reading anything more. My suggestion. Break them apart. Dont put ALL your buttons into one MC.

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