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    pine street inn
    That's art. A dream made tangible. Slick.

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    Just repaying a favour, you checked my site...

    Great work here, good job you can turn the music down though. Love the ipix its a fantastic smooth fast site, no errors here. Only thing I'd say is the font on contact should be more clear, I think you may have tried to be a little too hi-tech. hope this helps.

    Thanks for your comments for our web site aswell, keep up the good work.

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    Great job!
    The only thing - I would expect a little bit more animation and flash stuff in the content. Which is no big deal.

    Very iteresting...


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    VERY NICE!!!

    Dam, Dam, Dam nice job. Very clean, Very tight, Very nice. A+ all around. Keep up the good work.


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    mcinnes, you probably remember me

    its good but, i can just tell by your skill that you are better than that. try to get into some color and little more animation. its a nice layout, but its just to squary. i used to lvoe the squary look, but then i found http://www.xeofreestyle.com and they use alot of angles but they have circles and different things, color really makes a site look good, and in 2advanced, tehy are monochromatic, very professional, but so is xeo, they have different ways of doing things. you should try to add some colors and just little animations. do something with you background.
    not bad tho.

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    Sure I remember you.

    Thanks for your comments, Walt. To be sure, this is not the be-all and end-all of Flash design. And actually, this was probably the tenth attempt at building my site. I would work on a version for a couple of weeks, get sick of it, and start something new. I realized I just had to buckle down and finish <something, anything dammit!> And thus the red sub site was born. To my surprise, it has actually received better response then I had expected.

    In retrospect, my previous versions were probably too complicated, and I figured that simplicity was best. That's why I stuck to a narrow color palette, simple shapes and one font. I'm taking a long hard breather before the next version. I like organic shapes and motion, so I might move in that direction.

    Xeofreestyle is pretty cool, but the download was too heavy for my home dialup service. The music got on my nerves after a while.

    Thanks again for your insight.

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    Woo Hoo!! Made it to CHP.com

    I'm somebody now! I made it to CoolHomePages.com!!

    I'll tell you guys, it was tough sledding. It took me three days of email before they got the spelling of my url right. Sheesh!!

    Anyway, I'm there. (That's a good thing, right?)

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    That be a nice site. I know how it feels, going through plenty of designs, I did the same, and have almost (fingers crossed) finished mine, (url in footer).

    Nice job, looks better than that Xeo thing in that it looks like a site, not a flash site, (cleaner? think thats what i mean, and less "vectory"). Top.

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    Loved it, especially the katakana font. For me it's a great example of what the web can be. But my girlfriend, who's not into design didn't get it. She said the text's too small and hard to read, everything happened too slow, and the purpose of the site wasn't obvious enough.
    Guess that's why it's so important to know who your intended audience is.

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    Tighten up your lines. Specifically the corners.

    I really like how you used a "next page" option, instead of the usual scroll bar (news section).

    Good background.

    Don't like the color that is being used for the menu.

    Didn't like how huge your preloader was. It was like 800*190. Doesn't need to be that big.

    Cool masking.

    Liked the "aresenal" options.

    Liked the "download resume" option.

    Don't like the title bar. It's boring. Get a logo.

    Don't like some of the modules on this site, such as "coordinates". Found them pointless.

    The ending of the coordinates movie looked "not very good".

    Get rid of that 8 pixel h-scroll. im on 800*600.

    Liked the rollovers in the "web design" section.

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    One word - Awesome!

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    Yo the site is tight, real tight.

    Most people forget that the word design is included with the word web design, thanks for remembering.



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