LOL hi need help no i dont know anything about flash even though i have every flash software knowen to man and im not kding lol.

I manage to get it all only to find out i have no clue what im doing ughhhhhhhh i was insaine to even try.

Heres my qustion any of you ever played metal gear solid for playstation?

Is there a way i can rip the training part of the game you know the vr training simulations and rip them out and convert them into flash games see i run a La Femme Nikita and matrix the movie web site or opertives only my frinds go its like a hang out for my budys and me for my personal amusement.

Im now makeing a new web site for me and my little group i have lots of col funny stuff and a few flash games but if i could get what i said earlyer it would kick ase wait can we say ase hmmmm if we cant im sorry lol.

sorry if i spell bad or am too hyper i just seen some of the things you guys can do so if any one can help me and break the vr training mode in to small flash games pleas let me know IMYOUREDADY@AOL.COM