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Thread: a couple of questions.

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    on http://www.levitate.org/web3.swf i want to display a variable in a text field when someone goes over the buttons (i know how to do it normally, but i want to do it all from one frame). like, they go over welcome and the text from variable x is displayed in one constant text box; when they go over service, variable y is displayed. is there a way to do this without having it go to a new frame with a text field that loads a specific variable? thanks.


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    Yes this is really easy.

    1) Just make a text field called "ButtonText"
    2) Now use this code:
    on (rollOver) {
            // This will display in the text field
    	ButtonText = "Service";
    on (rollOut) {
            // This will clear the text field
    	ButtonText = "";

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