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Thread: Israeli Apache choppers fire missiles on Gaza, destroy Arafat's HQ

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    Sorry about that.

    Im not surprized of responce to terrorist threats. USA announced Sunday it will not lobby against military action. Will this attack end with just 9 missles being fired off?

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    Define "terrorist".

    Historically, the Israelis retaliate in spades to the Palestinian threat, responding on a military level to each Palestinian show of violence (usually presented on a civilian, or "terrorist" level). I generally sympathize with the Palestinians, who are definitely getting the shaft from all directions. But it has been getting increasingly harder to sympathize with them when they keep blowing things up.

    Seems like neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are that interested in a mutual peace.

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    Seems like neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are that interested in a mutual peace.-I agree.

    What is Israel and Palestine intreasted in. If they both could have it their way what would they get?

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    OK, I would suggest that no-one gets involved in this discussion. It will all end in tears.

    The Palestine conflict has been going on for many years and its modern incarantion started with jewish terrorists killing Palesinians and British soldiers in a quest for a homeland.

    No-one is whiter than white in this conflict, all parties have innocent blood on their hands - including the US and British who have funded the Israelis and the Palestinians respectively.

    I for one will not be drawn into this argument , because you can bet your bottem dollar that it won't be long before the anti semite / anti moslem / racism accusations start flying.

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    Yeah, you're right. I'm outta here.

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