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Thread: a little help with making monkeys dance :)

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    basically, i'm making a monkey dance, then jump across the room and pee on a car (dont ask). The monkey is a movieclip, with other movieclips in it. I've named the monkey "monk" (aww how cute), and it has a label in it called "pee".

    what i really want to happen, is when the main animation gets to a certain frame (i think its about 50), i want the monkey movieclip to change to "pee" animation.

    it dont work

    i've tried everything, and you guys are my last hope before i destroy flash and start learning CURL :P

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    if the monkey prancing is one seperate MC and the monkey peeing is another MC , why not use SetProperty (visibility ,false ) on the 50th Frame for the 1st mc and visibility true for the second MC .

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    Try making the monkey dance, then make him move toward the car nearing frame 50 and when he's "in position to fire," type this into monk's actions:


    and type this into the frames actions:


    ...and see if that works. I'd lkike to see this animation, it sounds pretty funny, lemme know when youre done with it

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