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Thread: asp/flash problem, im baffled

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    Im passing a pile of variables into flash via asp..which as of right now, doesnt involve a dba. The only thing the asp is doing is doing a bunch of response.writes.

    When building this using a textfile prior to starting the asp, things were working flawlessly. But once i started writing the asp and testing it, i encounted a problem.

    When doing a text movie off the server, the variables get loaded fine. If I look at the published movie file based, it works fine. But as soon as I use the http for it on the webserver things start happening.

    Flash is not assigning all the strings properly. The values are being passed in, but strings are not behaving right. I have parsed it out when assigning the valuses...as shown below:

    function dayOne_Zero_Hundered () {
    if (parseInt(_root.dayOne_0) == 0) {
    tellTarget ("_root.daySlot_one.dayOne_0000") {
    gotoAndStop (2);
    } else if (parseInt(_root.dayOne_0) == 1) {
    tellTarget ("_root.daySlot_one.dayOne_0000") {
    gotoAndStop (3);
    } else {

    Here is what the default of the variable is:
    _root.dayOne_0 = null;

    Here is what the asp is kicking out when the swf loads the asp variables.
    Response.Write "&dayOne_0=1&"&vbcrlf

    If I put a textfiled in for _root.dayOne_0, The value will show up as 0...but when the function is being called, flash is not recognizing that dayOne=1 to execute the function even though the textfield clearly shows that it is set to one.

    Has anyone every encountered this before, and how to get around it?

    To restate the problem:

    In checking using test movie from the server, everything loads ok.

    In file based testing from IE, everything loads ok.

    When coming in via http://..... variables are not being assigned properly. Sometimes the work, sometimes they dont.
    There is no consistent on and off, but more times than not, half come up, and half dont.

    frustrating lol

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    correction to this sentence --

    Was: If I put a textfiled in for _root.dayOne_0, The value will show up as 0......

    Should be: If I put a textfiled in for _root.dayOne_0, The value will show up as 1.....

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    how long do you wait in between the loadvariables and running that code?


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