Name: Josh Dura
Username: jdura99
Pet: Bud (dog), Hershey (dog), Maynard (cat), 5 fish (no names)

Where based: Dallas, Texas, USA (go ! )

Favourite cliché/quote/phrase: Ok, cool (if you ICQ me, you will find that I say this all the time)
Favourite Website/s: (OF COURSE) (gotta get that plug in )
Favourite Cocktail: Wild Cherry Pepsi (i dont drink much)

What do you do for fun? Play hockey, and freelance. I have played hockey for about 10 years now, and other than computers, hockey is it basically.

What has been your worst accident: Well, one time, when I was pulling out of the bank after depositing a check, I accidentaly bumped a person ( and i mean an actual person, not there car). And then I asked her if she was ok, and she told me yes about 5 times, and even got up and walked away, so i thought it would be ok to drive off. So later that night, I am sitting at home, and the cops show up at my door, and say they have me for a Hit and Run, and so I tell them the whole story of what happened, and they agree its all a mistake, and I just get a ticket for not leaving my information. Apparently she called an ambulance and went to the hospital and had a broken ankle, and then later on my insurance had to pay over $15,000 in damages. (*cough* BS *cough*) Thats my story...
Most embarrassing moment: See above story (My parents didnt know about this when it happened and then the cops show up)

Why do you volunteer your time as a Moderator: Because its fun to me. i love helping people out. And hell, in return, when I need help, I know people are here to help me.

Thoughts to advance the profession: Be original, who cares if no one likes your project. Just do it because YOU like it. Thats what a personal website is for. (on the matter of business projects, do whatever the client says )

Blurb: Hello Flashkit, thanks for all your support and help, I dont know where I would be without it. I know that I wouldnt be a Moderator here, I wouldnt have a lot of friends that I do now, I wouldnt be an Admin at PdF, I wouldnt be a Mod at, and I wouldnt be an admin at Flashgurus site. Thanks to everyone.

Josh Dura