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Thread: Control a loaded movie..?

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    This is probably easy, but not something I have tried before. The question is, how do I start a moive that was loaded on top of the main movie at a specific time.

    What I have is an audio.swf that is loaded up in the first frame of the main preloader. I have the first frame of the audio.swf as stop. How do I get the audio.swf to start playing when the main.swf has finsihed preloading? In other words, how do I control the audio.swf to jump to say frame 2?

    I have not loaded it after the preloader, because the audio.swf would also be preloading.

    Thanks for any help
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    Here is what you need to do. I will assume you have loaded audio.swf in to level2 for this example.

    Frame Action:
    //This will tell Level 2 to go to frame 2 and play.
    or you could do this:
    //This will tell Level 2 to just play.

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