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Thread: Flash in Director urgent problem

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    Hi all,

    I have made a number of swf.s which have been imported into Director for a Cd rom.

    The problematic swf has a number of wav's which form a narration. This narration has to be synchronised with the visuals.

    When my swf was imported into director the synchronsiation went way out.

    I altered the swf so that it was synchronised when imported into in Director (at least on my 'puter).

    It has been tested on a very fast 'puter and the synchronisation is out again.

    How can I ensure that the swf appears the same when imported into Director as it does as a standalone swf.

    Many thanks


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    did you check your frame rates? It could be that the frame rate on the swf file and that of the Director file are not the same.

    You may also consider bringing in the swf file in separately from the sound. As long as the frame rates are the same, it should match up.

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    If you were syncing animation and sound in flash you must have been in sync: stream in your sound settings. Importing flash docs in Director that way is not a good idea to start with. You are likely to get glitches as this is actually a known bug from Macromedia and it should be avoided for now.
    The best way to approach this is, first import your sounds separately in Director. Than going back to your fla, you are going to place triggering event(using the get URL) at key points on your timeline. Export it as an swf and reimport it in Director. Now, you are going to use these events to trigger your sounds in Director. Yes, flash can talk to Director that way. You might have to break your sounds (narration) in smaller pieces to make it sync properly.
    You can find all the info you need to make that communication thing work here:

    Hope this help

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