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Thread: Browser keeps crashing????

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    Nov 2001
    Please help
    Each time i upload my swf movie it crashes the browser!
    It works fine on the desktop but not when its uploaded
    Any ideas??
    Ive run the debugger sorted out any odd script etc.
    I just cant understand it.
    Thanks Robert.

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    Hi, things you need to look at:
    How big is the swf you're uploading?
    Does the computer require a restart after your browser crashes?
    What machine are you uploading on (spec)?
    What version of the browser are you running?
    Is there a newer version avaliable?
    If you running a relatively old/slow machine then it might be worth a restart before attempting upload. ie Don't make your machine publish the swf (if it's massive), then have to upload. Sounds like that could be your prob.

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    Nov 2001
    Well i sorted it by putting the swf movie in a different folder. Perhaps the first movie was interfering with the second. well thats my theory because I have no other idea. By the way I work on A G4 533 with loads of memory so its not the machine and it happened to all the browsers ive got.

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