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Thread: Flash vs. Shockwave, Flash vs. animated gifs, Flash vs. dynamic html

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    Hi guys!

    I'm working on a presentation on Flash: possibilities and limitations, and was thinking of doing some comparison between Flash and other formats available online.

    First of all, anyone know a nice animated gif somewhere (free source) made for comparison with the same animation made in Flash? The obvious comparison will be of file size.

    Then there is the thought on dhtml, which I don't really know that much of. Has anyone done or does anyone know comparisons between them? Sizewise, weight, browser compatibility etc. etc. ???

    And last but not least, a LOT of content creators out there were using Director long before the Flash epidemia started - and still are. Any ideas on comparisons between sites, animations, work relied on heavy scripting authored in Flash on one hand and Director on the other?

    Anyone that can help ... ?

    Thanks in advance!



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    I did several dhtml games for clients, a dhtml matrix visualizer, and a dhtml portfolio viewer. I will send you the source for the portfolio viewer if you like.

    I became so sick of cross-browser, cross-platform issues with dhtml (particularly NS bugs) that I told my clients that it was either flash games and interactivity in the future, or not at all.

    My first series of flash games was so smooth across browsers and PC/MAC - everything worked during testing on the first try

    With Flash 5, any possible interactivity argument for dhtml is gone. Cross-browser dhtml for the old DOM model won't work on NS 6 or any of the new browsers supporting the new DOM.

    With dhtml, you get excellent interactivity and limited animation. With flash, you get the best of both.

    good luck!

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    Well if we are talking about quality of animation I think I would rank them like this

    1- Director

    2- Flash

    3- Animated gif

    4- DHTML (which is not very related)

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