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Thread: Bill Spencer aka Pope de Flash

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    Where are you from?
    Originally from New Jersey, but relocated to the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area when I was a teenager and returned to the area after my service to my country in the armed forces

    Where did you grow up?
    I originally grew up in the back woods of New Jersey yes New Jersey has woods!! I am what they call a "piney" I grew up in the middle of the Pine Barrens. Moved to Maryland when I was 14 and became a southerner by Gods grace haha. So I guess you could say I have a little of both places in me. I love the country but have to live near the big city now. Hmmm hey this is sounding more like a dating service rather than a speaker bio!!!

    What are your pastimes and interests?
    Well when I am not working on my computer……. I love to ride my Motorcycle; I have a 2003 1550 Harley Road King. What can I say I am a biker at heart. Other than that I love movies and just hanging out with friends. I guess you could say I am also a connoisseur of fine coffee, If you looking "Seattle's Best" is by far the best I have found to date!

    What's your favorite saying or cliché?
    "I can do that in Flash" and " Its not a bug, its an unannounced feature!"

    What's your favorite movie?
    To many to list Favorites I am a movie freak so I will just have to name the first few that pop into my brain!
    Black and White "Battle Cry" and " It's a wonderful life" I know I know how can you have a war movie and a happy movie well hey its just me!!!
    Color "Stripes" "Back to the Future" ok; ok so I am a product of the 80's

    What's your favorite cocktail?
    Whiskey Sours
    Or Corona "Just ask Mark" haha

    When did you first get involved with flash?
    Hmmm I would say before it was flash, it was still called future splash when I got my first copy of the program which I promptly said, odd program think I will ignore it for now haha guess things change. I picked it right back up and started wailing away at it and never looked back!!

    When did you first get involved with 3D in flash?
    I would have to say I did some meager attempts at 3D and Flash back in late 97 when Vince, Mano, the Void, Romeo Design and the like were waging war with who could out trace, out draw out do everyone. I was approaching it from the lets render out to vector side of life. Waiting and waiting for the Vecta standalone and the Big sleeper came along by the name of Swift 3D and I would have to say that I jumped on the Flash 3D train full on at its introduction.

    What is the current status of 3D generation?
    Well there are several genres of 3D artists in Flash. You have the Rendered from 3D to 2D for animation people like me. Then you have the pure code side that love math like Glyn Thomas, Robert Penner and Andries Odendall better know as "Wireframe." so you have a house divided not a bad division but none the less a division. One is more oriented to story telling and traditional cell animation and the other more interactive interfaces. The two are being blended for various projects like gaming etc. At any rate 3D in Flash still requires either a good understanding of geometry and or external 3D authoring software.

    What products would you recommend?
    There at this time are only two real products that are even worth mentioning and they are Swift 3D and Amorphium Pro. Both have strong points and weaknesses. I think that any serious Flash artist that wants to do 3D but has a limited budget would be wise to purchase both of these Programs. They can compliment one another.

    What is the most exciting project you've seen yet?
    I would have to give it up for three different projects that have my eye.
    Rendered media devlab.swift3d.com I love it for one reason it has various artists involved a great showcase of what you can do. Another would be http://www.officinepixel.com/ictoiss/ictossi.html this just show cases what you can do with a little storyboarding and well some talent!

    Real world code has to go two http://www.wireframe.co.az http://www.digitalorganism.com and http://www.robertpenner.com for there work in using simple elements and or just code to make 3D happen.

    Where do you see the future of flash and 3D?
    I see that Rendered 3D output into Flash will be taking a some what smaller roll in the near future with the arrival of Shockwave 3D and other similar 3D solutions for the web. It will however take on a more artistic roll for elements with in a project. No longer being the focal point of the site but simply an element or elements within a site.

    Where do you see the future of flash in general?
    I see flash being incorporated into many many other programs and perhaps not even existing as a full on solution in the distant future (7 years). The swf format will be here forever but Flash may be over run by its big brother Director with the emerging broad band market. Flash however for the foreseeable future will rule everything from PDA's to Desktop applications and is even being used for video output. Its introduction into the gaming industry in the Play Station will only solidify its already dominant roll for swf output creation.

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    For the last four years I have been working on a new idea called viaPlace www.viaplace.com check it out if you get the chance. Bill
    Macromedians 1:1

    In the beginning the web was without shape and color, and the hype covered the darkness of the net. Then there was a Flash and life came to the web and vision became reality.

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