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Thread: control movies without buttons but on enter frame

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    i´m trying to load my sound loop on an upper level so that doesn´t stop on changing scenes....
    but i want to preload it and wait until a certain frame to start playing

    how do i do (without using a button) to make it start playing if i load it on an empty movie?

    what else can i do?

    Thanx in advance!!!


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    Make a separate SWF with the sound loop and a preloader. On your main timeline somewhere after the preloader but before the site (you may need to add a frame just for this) use loadMovie and load the sound SWF into a higher level. It will do it's thing regardless of what happens on level 0.

    If you have a day or two to get it done you can check out a site that I made which should be up in the next day or two that has a tutorial on that exact thing. You can use this link: Milk in a Bag

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