Hi guys
this project is driving me nut!
Once my Flash was fine, then it started to crash every 5 mins (freeze very badly, with scary noises), so I added more ram to my imac (OS9.2).
Still crashing - I can't go on working
Downloaded today Flash 5.0a for mac from Macromedia website -> finally it looks like I get flash to work again;
....but wait a minute: "ifFrameIsLoaded( )" action and a simple "GotoAndPlay(_currentframe-1)" are totally ignored and it jumps to some frame (not specified) that he likes, for some reason.
the deadline is tuesday 8th january, which is ok, if I only get the software to work!!!
Any idea? maybe someone had same problem? any help much appreciated!!

PS: aaarggh I had enough for today... now I'm gonna have a nice glass of wine and dinner