I have a Flash movie that loads a movie clip in each frame in the following manner:

loadMovieNum ("http://www.host.com/~user/flash/jpeg2/body.swf", 1);

The movie clips contain one JPEG each (created with JPEG2SWF) and in each frame a different clip is loaded. At the end the movie loops back with:

gotoAndPlay (1);

This movie plays fine in the Flash Movie player (both inside Flash 5, with Test Movie, and outside, with standalone player) but not in either IE or Netscape (you get a blank page).

- Playing it within Flash 5 generates the following message in the Output window (though it does what I want it to):

Target not found: Target="JPEG2SWF_1.0" Base="_level1"

- if I insert the following code in every frame before loading the new clip (to unload the previous clip), it won't even work in the Flash Player.

unloadMovieNum (1);

- if I insert a blank frame after each frame that loads a movie it works with the Flash Player and in the browsers, BUT in the browsers I get a blank screen between each two images (which doesn't happen in the Flash Player) which I don't want.

CAn anyone help me please?