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Thread: Bad sound in Flashmovies..my own and others..

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    Hello all,

    I have tried to putt some soundFX and musicloops into my Flashfiles, but nomatter what settings I use I get really bad lowfi output. I use high quality wavefiles, but this won't help me. Other peoles flashsites also sound pretty bad. I know that quality comes with some downers - like speed. But if I want to make a page on an intranet, I really would like to here some good sound. Are there any places I can alter settings for browsermusic in IE5? I normally haven't got any problems with sound - in games, musicprograms and cd-music... No matter what samplerate I set in Flash I get the same lowfi noisy output. I would think that a site like www.eye4u.com should sound ok, but it's really noisy...
    Please have u any comments on this subject?

    [This message has been edited by Thomaz (edited 12 April 2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Thomaz (edited 12 April 2000).]

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    Just wanted to say that I have fixed the problem my self. I just needed new drivers for my soundblaster Live... So I downloaded the Liveware 3.0 - 28megs with 3kb pr. sek.

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