Hola, I have to transmit one variable to an swf through a query in the brother's navigation direction bar,
An openWindow() creates the page holding a waiting for myvar swf:

index_2.htm?9 >>> openWindow() >>> sended.htm

In sended.htm/body, a script with a function: feed(),
recovering the var (the "9") from index_2.htm?9

function feed (aa, bb) {
bb = (bb == "") ? "?" : (bb);
cc = (aa.indexOf(bb))+1;
return aa.slice(cc, aa.length);
id_user = var id_user=feed(window.opener.location.toString(),"") ;

The swf embed is rewrited within the body with document.write,
recovering and sending myvar to the swf

>>>> src=\"http://www............... sendedCard_1.swf?id_user='+id_user+'\"

The html (source code):

This is actually working for Mac with IE5 or Netscape but Windows, nope....
Please, do you know if the problem is from the Js function or the embed code.

I really need to resolve this... help