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Thread: Big Flix Trouble!!! Help!!!

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    Hi, Im having this big big big problem with flix, and really need some help, here is the problem that i face.

    Im making a cd rom presentation and it has 2 mov files in it, now as the intro plays and gets over, i have a button that lets me go to something like a second intro, where the first mov file plays, i then have buttons on the side, one for picture gallery, tv commercial and a replay button, now on click of either of tv commercial it plays the next mov file, both these files are 3 and 7 mb respectively, now the problem is that most of the time, when i click on the buttons, it says this File.exe has caused an error and will close, please restart ur system, what am i doing wrong here, please advice, its really urgent.


    Praveen Pinto

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    I'm not sure if I'm understanding you right, but it should like you're using MOV files and not swf files converted from Flix. If that's the case, then we can't be much help to you.

    If you are using Flix files, please post a link to this project somewhere. We'll need to download it and check it out for ourselves in order to help you out.


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