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Thread: a little help please

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    I am trying to make movie with moving clouds in the sky, trees, highway and cars running in front. Question: how do I get the clouds to move at a different speed than the cars and how do I get the cars to move at different spends from each other. I assume I use a different layer for the sky, woods and highway, and a different layer for each car. Is this correct? Thanks.

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    You would use a different layer for each (putting foreground objects at the top) Draw each object then highlight it and press F8 and convert them to movie clips. Once you have them a movie clips you can either use motion tweens of varying lengths to move them across the screen or actionscript.
    Quick actionscript example... Right click on the movie clip and select actions then type (to make an object move right)
    onClipEvent(enterframe) {
    if(this._x < 570) {
    this._x += 2;

    where 570 is a value just to the right of the stage.
    to go left you would use something like

    onClipEvent(enterframe) {
    if(this._x > -20) {
    this._x -= 2;

    To make them move faster or slower change the += 2 / -= 2 to be a bigger or smaller number. And this code (with variations to make them move faster or slower) can be added to each movie clip to make them all move across the screen.

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