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Thread: loadmovie problem

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    I have a base movie that has a button; when this button is pushed; another movie is loaded using the loadmovie script ,

    loadMovieNum ("creative/port_1.swf", 1);

    this loads another movie on to level 1; This newly loaded movie (port_1.swf) has movie clips within it. When I try to do a load target i.e. replace the movie clips in the movie on level 1 with external swf's,

    loadMovie ("portimages/showpic1.swf", "showpic");

    it doesn.t want to know? It works fine if I test the level one movie on its own, but not when it is loaded into the base movie. Any one got any ideas?

    Also, the base movie is on the top level, my level one movie is in a folder called creative, and the movie clip replacements are in a folder in the creative folder called portimages.


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    ok I'm a complete sausage, It was bloody easy! don't bother replying to this stupid post!

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    if it is so easy, can you tell me what you did wrong ?
    I have a similar problem.
    Loading variables in a movie by requesting an URL works fine, but if I load this movie in another movie (in a movieclip) using "loadmovie" it seems not to find the URL anymore. I suppose it has to do something with the path...
    All files are in another directory:
    * html-file containing flash (= same as file requested for vars)
    * flashmovie used as container for the other one
    * flashmovie requesting the variables

    Can someone help me ?

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