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Thread: move whole animations consisting of single frames

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    Hello flashies,

    Should be a simple task. How can I move, twist or resize a whole
    animation or several layers if it contains or consists of single frames???

    Thanx in advance!

    Best regards,

    p.s. it is not such trivial as it seems:
    got the following reply:

    DK> You can edit multiple frames by holding the shift key DK> while picking the frames with your mouse.
    DK> If it contains tweens, you may need to enable the multiple frame feature - it's the button under the
    DK> timeline - looks like 2 overlapping rectangles.

    Unfortunately, it seems not to be so easy. Animations which were build up from single frames on various levels can not be coped and pasted by selecting either all layers or control-a. Only the same frame number in different layers can be selected.

    If using the technique for tweens, this works only if no discreet frames are used within the tweed.

    Any suggestions for such multi-layer animations??

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    hmmm this may not be the cleverest solution but it works...

    Make a new layer and draw a circle in that layer...

    then press F8 to convert it into a symbol(movieclip)....

    now create the layers you want to change in the original scene in the movie clip...

    select all the keyframes in individual layers you want copied
    and paste them layer by layer(what I mean copy all keyframes in layer 1 first then paste then copy all keyframes in layer 2 and paste etc etc....

    delete the layer with the circle(that you drew which should be inside the movie clip)....

    now you have a movie clip which you can resize move around preserving the scale and the distance of individual objects...

    there probably is an easier way to dfo all of this :P but I don't know it

    I'd suggest place each layer into an individual movie clip so you have more control of the movie....

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