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Thread: Multiple sample sync

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    I have been trying to create a drum machine in Flash 4. The basic idea is to have several different drum sounds looped at a set tempo (that was set when i made the samples .. ) .. I then created an interface with several buttons, each for muting and unmuting a specific loop. the problem is, altho the tempo is correct, they arnt synced .. and since the button isnt very precise (even using OnPress, there's a little lag .. ) .. It's really hard to use .. What i need to know is if there's a way to start all samples playing at the same time when the movie loads, but at volume 0 (they would then be synced .. ) .. and then to have the buttons simply raise and lower (turning on and off) the volume of the loops while in sync ... I tried several times using different sync combinations in flash, but to no avail ..

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    There is a volume example in the Movie section
    check that out.

    Also on your buttons try
    On Rollover.

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    Red face

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jydnas:
    There is a volume example in the Movie section
    check that out.

    Also on your buttons try
    On Rollover.

    Hmm I dont think you caught my drift .. If you're refering to the Volume Slider in the movies, it is exactly what i dont want : the sound is played from the start several times at different volumes (lower and lower) .. What I want is to be able to fade the sound out while it plays without it looping .. triggering it by a button (and not a rollover, thanks but with an OnPress ..

    Ack, flash 4 sucks for sound .. lets hope macromedia do something about this in Flash 5

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    The reason i told you to check it out is because...
    I just wanted you to have a look at it for some ideas.

    If you want the audio loops to start
    all at the same time

    Make movie clips with just the audio in them
    and drag them out of the library on to the stage.

    Now give each one an instance name
    sample 1
    sample 2
    sample 3
    sample 4

    now with the buttons you can tell target
    to stop or play or what ever you like.

    This will require some action scripting
    so you will have to experiment with it.

    If you want more help just let me know.

    By the way i have a Drum machine
    and a yamaha synth so in understand what you are
    working on.
    cool idea... i hope you get it working.

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    sorry celsius, but you're right: flash sucks for audio apps. flash just doesn't have the timing capabilties to keep different clips of audio in sync. i just got into flash to do something similiar to what you want to do, and now realize its not possible.

    try one of 2 things: director for shockwave content, which is much more interactive and powerful than flash. or beatnik, for audio. this plug-in DOES have the power to do exactly what you want. there's even a template of a 'groovegram' on their site. this is a flash/beatnik mixer that let's you mute and mix different tracks. flash for the interface and beatnik for the audio.


    good luck.

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    Yep, I looked into all those .. but I would really like to do it in Flash :/ .. you can check a demo version of what i want to do at http://www.gabber.ch/test2/unts_box.html
    This version only has a few sounds and is far from finished .. lemme know what you think! It's the hardcore version but im planning a jungle one too .. I guess the fact that you have to concentrate to sync the samples manually is kinda fun, but it would be much more pro with on board sync.

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    Thumbs up

    There is a .fla Called GROOVE
    download that
    it's interesting
    you should be able to get some insite from it.

    Take care....

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    So, actually I totally made that drum machine and it worked out great! **** yea retro-Celsius, you won

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