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Thread: Dragging a externally loaded SWF?

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    Post Dragging a externally loaded SWF?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions(sorry for the long post)

    How do I go about dragging/closing a externally loaded SWF as if it was a popup window?
    *I have already suceeded in getting the SWF to load into an empty MC in the main movie
    *I can NOT have the loaded SWF be dragged as a button nor a MC because I can't contain it all within those
    *Can I drag the actual SWF or the empty clip that the SWF loads into?

    Background info:
    I designed this site and used a smart clip to created a pop-up window, but now I have decided that I would like to simply load the SWF into a empty movie clip on the main movie stage and make it appear as if it is a popup of sorts.

    *I think that containing everything within flash and avoiding the smart clip that uses javascript may help the site to be more reliable? (ex. the smart clip pop-up doesn't work when you go to the site via a hyperlink within an email that you have sent) I think Hotmail has a pop-up killer (?)

    --Thanks a bunch for any help,

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    Yes you should be able to drag around a loaded swf file. You just have to do your action scripting for the dragging in the swf file that your loading. Do you know how to setup the dragging part? send me an email and i'll send back an swf file that you can load and drag and you can just copy the code.
    When you load a movie you assign it a level to get the move to unload just use the unload movie action and choose the level, either in a frame action or a button action.

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