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Thread: Is there...?

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    Are there any plugins or something similar for flash to easilly creates cool effects like the ones in photoshop?

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    what kind of effects are you talking about ? Try using Swish for Text Effects , Swift3d to create 3D Effects etc.

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    Hello !!

    most effect's you must write with Action Script.

    But Adobe Aftereffects is sometimes a good selection.

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    to get those sort of raster effects you see in photoshop, I'd go for adobe livemotion as it includes support for plug-ins .. or just use photoshop anyway for doing raster image and import them into Flash/SWiSH etc.

    Actionscripting or SWiSH etc isn't going to help you much with the sort of effects you see in photoshop .. they really only helps with animation effects.

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