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Thread: money for someone who helps me

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    just reply if you can help with a very hard actionscript thing i need to make. i will explain the details. or email me at ephesians612@msn.com

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    I can. And dont offer your money on here, some people will take it. But I can help ya (and thats for free).

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    Yes! Let's all help!


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    the help i need

    ok this is what i need to do. this guy wants me to do a flash demo of a product he has. what it does is, its a coolant spray for drilling machines. the demo needs three different size drill bits. i need to have a knob to aim the nozzle of spray right at the point where the drill meets the metal. the catch of this is, i need flash to remember where i set the spray to go for each nozzle. and play it back. i could go through it once, in any order of the three drills, set the spray where i want it to go, and then, just select a drillbit and it will automatically spray where it should. can this be done? you guys are great for helping me out. for free!! i can't thank you enough. i have no idea where to start. maybe if you guys no of somethings similar to get ont his site.

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    I'm sure it can be done.
    just need need to know exactly the details.

    i'm just puting this down to see if i get the point.

    1) Adjust knob to set the position for spray
    (is this 1-D , 2-D)
    (you want to control this with a text box ? mouse movement ? scroll bars ? or some kind of rotation)

    2) theres one spray ? but different positions for each of the 3 drills ?
    You say it needs to remember the positions ? will that be each time you run the demo (will it need to save them to a text file ) if so what scrips can the server run ?

    it sounds to me that you just need to set the rotation of the spray according to each of the drills.

    when the demos runs will it go through the 3 drills.
    try and explain step by step and let us know how far you've gotten.

    I'll help for free
    but wouldn't say no to a beer :-)


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